Paintings begin with a sketch. Compositional tools are limited to simple forms, straight lines and color. Layouts are edge to edge employing a modified grid. The large forms in the painting are placed with an eye for tensions like stillness and movement, balance and imbalance, edges and intersections.

For each painting a color key is determined. It serves as a reference, providing a framework from which I depart and return to throughout a work. Within the large forms each element is painted individually. The varying color and intensity of the painted elements creates push and pull within the space.

I am investigating interactions between pattern and color, planning and happenstance, intellect and intuition. This work is an expression of my fascination with the complexity of life. I always want to know how things work. I am trying to make a painting that is bigger on the inside than on the outside. For me the work must withstand extended examination, revealing itself over time.